Internally Complete

In this update, it's all about art, yep.

Because I don't have photoshop at home, I had to rely onn MSPaint to make all my art assets. I spent a couple of days drawing all the fishes, all the environmental decorations. 

You know what, I was really proud of my art, especially the fish I drew and the squid. 

Oh, can't forget about programming updates too.

As for the squid, it's basically a replacement for the obstacles that's been spawning at the top of the game screen. The movement was a pain in the butt to program though (I'm a noob programmer remember), but I was really happy with it.

Also added some menu navigation stuff, including instructions for how to play the game, pause screen (press ESC when playing the game), and much more. Big update this week.

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Nov 08, 2017

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