Structurally Complete... It's just the beginning.

I ended up changing my game completely because I didn't like the idea of it being a endless scrolling game. 

With the feedback of my professor, as well as brainstorming, I thought, "What if I made a game that a bubble can be  used to catch fishes? Sounds ridiculous, but games are ridiculous anyways, and that's what make games interesting. 

Anyways, that's how it is. The game seems a lot more interesting now, with a core loop intact. The movement is still funky, so I'll work towards fixing that. 

Mouse to move, W and S to drag / push, A and D to rotate. There's actually no point in rotating because it doesn't do anything. I wanted to create a collider in front of the player so that only when you're facing the bubble, you can interact with it, but as a noob coder, I couldn't figure out why it didn't work, so ignore that. 


Structurally 14 MB
Oct 13, 2017

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